Nkechi Live! presents Politics: The Language of Color & All Her Children in collaboration with SF International Arts Festival on Fri 10/22 @ Young Performers Theatre

October 22nd & 23rd @ Young Performers's Theatre, Fort Mason https://bit.ly/Nkechi_LanguageOfColor_SFIAF 

Politics: The Language of Color & All Her Children in collaboration with San Francisco International Arts Festival is a futuristic evening-length solo theatre performance written and performed by Nkechi Emeruwa-Neuberg. Set in the year 3026, the play engages audiences in an exploration of what color and race mean in the light of past, present and future political frameworks. 

Despite the hardships and intermittent difficulties for those seeking equality, "The Language of Color" calls for hope and optimism through the struggle, stating "It's not a Black thing, It's not a Jewish thing, It's kind of a Rainbow thing. More imporantly it'a 'We The People' thing." She extends a hopeful lighthearted fun and creative approach to achieving global unity and peace while chocolate is served :)


Her first transdisciplinary performance-artivist™️ work titled, "Licensed to Drive While Bl***," debuted in 2016, and was performed throughout the Bay Area over a period of three years. "Licensed" took the audience on a highly interactive journey walking alongside a first generation Nigerian-American discovering what it means to be Black in America.

“Politics” denotes her second full length performaXperience™️ performance art work. Additionally she has four twelve minute works. Nkechi performs all the characters, writes and creates all the words, music, artwork, lighting and video content pieces included in her work.

Nkechi'sTransdisciplinary artist Nkechi's work defies definition as she mixes the use of theatre, play, music, dance, film, painting, writing, or any other modality that carries the narrative through enabling her performance art to be interpreted as a real life experience. Through this transdisciplinary art form, in her words, "storytelling on steroids" she creates immersive experiences which engage audiences in empathetic and dynamic conversations and activities that impact the way attendees navigate and identify in their world. In her offerings there is usually a flag or two waved, a song sung and some chocolate (dark, milk or white) to be shared and enjoyed. She is a LA, NY & SF Bay Area actor who sings, songwriter, painter and performance artivist™️ She received a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering from Stanford University and MA in Theater Performance-Making from Chichester, UK. While at Stanford she performed in a few theater productions and on a dare auditioned for and was chosen to sing lead for a college band. She has been on a journey ever since integrating her faith and spirituality, creative expressions and activism™️ and geek mind ever since.