Licensed to Drive While Black, a solo-show by Nkechi

Z Space, 450 Florida St, San Francisco

Z Space and The Emeruwa Music Foundation present: LICENSED TO DRIVE WHILE BLACK and other things to do while in whiteface

June 30 & July 1, 2017 at Z Below A Solo-Show by Nkechi Emeruwa

In Licensed to Drive While Black the interdisciplinary performer, walks us through what happens when a dark chocolate Nigerian woman who sees the world from a white chocolate man's perspective lands in the United States of America. Things get interesting as cultures clash internally and externally as she discovers who she is and who she is not in a world full of blackface and whiteface characters. Through a satirical and uncensored exploration of the history of blacks in America, Nkechi ushers the audience through 90 minutes of hilarious commentary while encouraging us to check our privilege and race at the door!

BE in the Room. Its all about you and her!

Each show will be followed by a talk back with the performer.