Give (Home Demo) :: words & music by Nkechi 

So the title of this song was set in 2008.  And then suddenly in October of 2009 I received the rest of the song ... :-)

Here's the chorus left in tact as it came to me.  Enjoy!


A Billion Tears (words & music by nkechi)

So, YES.. I do deeply miss Michael Jackson.  He is a brother in a Spiritual way.  We artists must hang together or die separately.   And unfortunately many of us have died in our efforts to make sense of a harsh…

Ma'a Afrika (Live Demo) :: words & music by nkechi 

Okidoki!  So it is settled.  The theme of my muse this year is Africa.  This is great since my father's homeland was Nigeria.  He died there and I still miss him.   This is good 'cuz I think of him often…